Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Heidi turned 2

Here she is....2 year old Heidi and her silly sweet smile! We sure can't get enough of her and are grateful she is the big sister in our family. 

She started to get a little cold the day or so before her birthday, so we warned her little party friends. Luckily, we still had some guests come: the Ellsworth's and Mandi and Kennedy Isom. Heidi was thrilled.

We enjoyed a wonderful sausage,egg, biscuit an smoothie breakfast. Then we moved on to singing happy birthday. Heidi had a fun time blowing out her '2' candle repeatedly at her request.

We had balloons and a carousel cake: chocolate with caramel sauce whipped cream and berries. The berries were a real hit with the girls and Heidi has even enjoyed the paper animals Spencer and I made for the top.

Her friends gave her sweet gifts that they could all play with right away: window crayons, construction paper, crayons, and a Minnie and Daisy puzzle.

When Heidi first woke up and saw the balloons, she held them by their strings and marched around the house with a sing song voice saying things like birthday and party! 

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