Friday, November 9, 2012

"Trick or Treat!" Halloween Dress up!

Grandma Houk came to visit her girls! It was a short week, but we loved having her close. 
Little Mermaid Anne, Ursula Nancy, Fairy and Pumpkin Annie and Mabel. Grandma Houk joined us Trick or Treating round 1 before the storm. 
Out walking the streets of Hummelstown. Heidi wasn't good at begging for candies, but she held them tightly in her fists when the kind neighbors gave them to her. Lots of people enjoyed her costume and even guessed what she was. 

Spencer was out of town for a conference for our first Trick or Treat. Glad he could dress up with us for Halloween Night in the Joneses Neighborhood. Our costumes were inspired by the Hunger Games movie.