Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lady Baby!

On September 20th, we made a second trip to the ultrasound tech. After trying to wiggle and shift-they tipped me back pretty far in the chair at one point- to prompt our baby to change positions, they were able to see that our baby is a GIRL baby! They still had trouble getting some finer pictures of the spine and umbilical chord/placenta connection. She was one pound, 11 ounces and the doctor said that is average for 25 weeks.
So, now that we know that baby is a girl-or seriously suspect it, we are looking forward to meeting her. We know a lot of other people are too. I feel here punching around in there every now and then and think about how she might be developing in there. Some nights I will have difficulty sleeping soundly. I often find myself thinking of names for her. I do this thinking I will help me fall asleep, but it doesn't do the trick like counting sheep. Thinking of names is like imagining a p

Spencer and I keep a list of baby names we like
or are considering in our email. When we hold her in our arms, we are hoping it will be easier to pick a name our baby.

Last Saturday, before the General Relief Society Meeting, Spencer and I ventured to Strite's Orchard. We sat on some crates and tried our hands at water color landscapes.

I have been getting lots of baby stuff and great deals at consignment sales, thrift stores and garage sales. I am trying to be discerning. This dresser here caught my eye at a thrift store and I was very pleased that it was still for sale when 20% off Monday rolled around. It will make a perfect changing table!