Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Holidays With Family in NV & UT 2012

A game of Munchkin is most enjoyed with Jordan & Amanda.

Grandma Green playing with Heidi in sunny St. George.

Grandma Houk met us in Las Vegas for a few days from New Mexico.

Baby Heidi lying in a manger at Grandma LaRayn's house in Las Vegas.

Out exploring the backyard in her cozy pink winter clothes from Aunt Annie!

Grandma LaRayn and Grandpa Don greet Heidi. 

Heidi loves her boots! 

Group photo in Vegas.

This was our fist stop out west: LA Temple for Tiffany's wedding. Here we are with Tiffany's sister and another BYU roommate and friend, Su. 

We got to stay with my cousin Nicole and her husband while in California for the weekend. 

Our next stop was Carson City, NV to spend the week with my Dad and JoDee. 

We had a great visit.

We even enjoyed a lovely drive up to Tahoe for a couple of pictures with JoDee.

Grandpa Steele and Heidi.

Grandma LaRayn Sorenson during our stay in Las Vegas at their house. We also enjoyed going to Josh  Hardy's wedding. 

Grandpa Sorenson with Heidi.

Here we are after our Ethel M. Chocolates "tour" in the cactus garden.

Grandma Green has a lovely display of boxes of all kinds in their new house.

Grandpa Green at home in Washington, UT.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

 To kick off Thanksgiving break, we took a road trip to Boston, MA. We visited Spencer's sister, Kristin in her new apartment. We wanted to return because of the wonderful time we had in the summer discovering the cozy city and complete our tour of the Freedom Trail with a visit to the U.S.S. Constitution and Bunker Hill. We also counted it as our 2nd wedding anniversary vacation. Kristin babysat Heidi for us while we took a date to a restaurant Greek Corner, to the Boston Temple to do sealings, and then to Whole Foods. It was wonderful to be in the Temple together and think about the blessings those promises bring to our family.

Unfortunately the U.S.S Constitution was not open for us to tour. We had to soak in the feeling of it at the Museum.
Walking around Bunker Hill. Holding on tight to Daddy's fingers. Heidi is not quite walking on her own at this point. Close.
Heidi surveying Boston from the top of the Bunker Hill Memorial.

Kristin so graciously gave of her room and hosted us. We also got to see friend and Bishop Joe Parry who had been in town for a conference.

Here we are back in Highspire for Thanksgiving at our house! We were so glad that the Stilson family, my cousins who are living in NYC this year, could join us. We did miss the East Coast Greens that we were expecting. The Joneses completed our feast with their amazing turkey and stuffing skills. We made three pies: Apple, pumpkin, and blue/blackberry. And, since its tradition: Pomegranate salad adorned our table. I found them for a dollar at Sharp shopper the night before. I had already bought and opened some for much more before our Boston trip. Our friend and neighbor, Bonnie Hansen also joined our thankful group. 
Stacie and Brandon happy after the feast.

Nancy, June and Scott. Happy Turkeys.

A nice after dinner walk to the neighborhood park with everyone!
Enjoying our buggy ride through Amish Country with the Stilson bunch the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Our fine looking horse, Kate, and her buggy near Intercourse, PA.