Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Piece: Mother Earth's Children

Mother Earth's Children: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables by Elizabeth Gordon has incredibly darling illustrations by M. T. Ross. My mom had a worn and torn old copy of this book that is apparently out of copyright so it can be downloaded from a library's website. I remember always delighting in the sweet drawings. I think it would be great to print some of the illustrations on fabric for a baby blanket. There are a couple that I would like to display in our baby's corner nursery- corner of our room. My mom helped me decide on a couple that would make good paintings when she was here visiting. This is one that I painted to hang on the wall last week. Her name is Caraway. It was fun to do my best at getting the scale, and proportions right. I was very pleased with how it turned out and it didn't take too long either. Not that I don't have a lot of time on my hands on days when I don't go tutoring.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aunt Gwen's Funeral

I was surprised when my uncle, Reese Abel, and cousin, Emily, called me to ask if I would sing, "For Good," at Aunt Gwen's funeral in two days. I was even more surprised by their getting me there- from Pennsylvania to Utah and back. I was so grateful that I could be there to celebrate her life with family. The talks were wonderful and the flowers beautiful like Gwen's love.
My mom, brother, Uncle Reese and me at the lunch after the funeral on Thursday October 20, 2011. Me, cousins- Lindsey Hardy, who sang with me, Amber and Adam Abel, Gwen's son.
My cousin Emily Chapman, Gwen's daughter and I.

Mom & Dad Green took me on a short drive to see what we could of the fading fall colors. We then took a tour of the Museum of Art at BYU, stopped by Annie's house, and Diana and I took a short walk in the lovely sunshine. It was a delightful morning.
Dad and I posed for a profile shot to show off our matching bellies when we were at my cousin Nathan's wedding reception!

Coming home to Spencer was very welcome after five days of third trimester traveling!